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Our hydronic stone radiators work in a unique and extremely effective way, removing high levels of water from the heating cycle and allowing homeowners to inject a sense of grandeur and sophistication into their property at an affordable price. This style doesn’t come at the expense of performance either, with our hydronic systems utilising the effective heating properties of stone to warm rooms in an efficient, energy-saving manner.

Hydronic Stone Radiator – Scheme

All our hydronic stone radiators, regardless of shape or size, are simple to set up and connect to any standard central heating system, so they can start heating your home right away. Both our hydronic marble and hydronic granite systems have a five-year guarantee, meaning you get peace of mind, as well as a consistently comfortable climate.

Custom-made radiators
We understand everyone has different tastes and requirements, which is why our hydronic stone radiator systems come in a range of designs that can be tailored to your exact specifications. You’ll be spoiled for choice by the selection of colours, stone types and finishes available for our hydronic stone radiators; we can provide a stylish solution no matter what size, shape or power output you require.