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Infrared heating technology offers a modern, safe and soundless heating solution for homes and businesses, evenly spreading warmth around with no discernible odours or sound.

Instead of heating the air like most traditional systems, infrared technology generates warmth by increasing the temperatures of the fabric surroundings in your property. This helps to retain heat in an energy-efficient way, meaning you’ll have the luxury of comfortable temperatures at an affordable price.

Extremely cost-efficient and simple to set up, our infrared heating technology systems come with a high-quality guarantee, providing an environmentally-friendly and aesthetically-attractive way to heat your home with peace of mind included.

We also have a diverse range of infrared heating design styles and sizes available, including MH Infrared RAL and PRINT Heating Panels, Mirror Heating Panels, MH Blackboard Heating Panels and MH High Temperature Heating Panels. No matter what your décor, we’ll be able to offer you a solution that slips seamlessly and subtlety into its surroundings, matching and complementing the interior design.

From prints to mirrors to chandeliers, Marble Heating Co. will help guide you towards the infrared heating system that’s right for your property.


At Marble Heating Co., we only supply products that facilitate the establishment of a healthy indoor atmosphere. All our heating systems actively assist with effective air circulation, eliminating issues that air contaminated with pollen, dust and germs can both create and exacerbate. Our products are designed specially to allow you to breathe easily and enjoy a clean, fresh and healthy environment.