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MH Infrared RAL or PRINT Heating Panels

Our MH Infrared Heating Panels can be customised to your exact specifications, fitting perfectly into any property; pick a colour or print that matches your décor, and choose whether you’d like your panels to be framed or frameless.

Mirror Heating Panels

MH Mirror Heating Panels are a superb way of giving your home or business a glossy, modern touch. These panels heat bathrooms to a comfortable temperature quickly and efficiently, with state-of-the-art technology ensuring no condensation ever appears on glass. Available in framed and frameless format.

MH Blackborad Heating Panel

Doubling as a writing surface, the MH Blackboard Heating Panel is a fantastically-modern multi-purpose product that makes a great addition to the home or workplace. Available in framed or frameless format.

MH High Temperature Heating Panel

For rapid heat generation, our MH High Temperature Heating Panel is the answer. Ideal for larger spaces that are vulnerable to draughts, these high-performance panels are particularly popular with fitness studio and factory operators.

MH Sphere Heaters

These 360-degree indoor heaters ensure warmth reaches every corner of the room, and make divine additions to any lobby, gallery or dining area. Unique and elegant, MH Sphere Heaters provide a classy way to heat your property.

MH Plaster Heating Panel

For a subtle heating solution, look no further than the MH Plaster Heating Panel. Ready to be skimmed, shaved and trimmed as desired, these panels are appropriate for any environment, and will prove undetectable amidst your décor.