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Underfloor Heating

Indoor underfloor heating

With an underfloor heating system, the floor itself becomes a large radiating heat emitter, warming the feet and the whole body. The low temperature heating source saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. The heat is distributed evenly with reduced losses. There is no dust swirling, the growth of dust mites and funghi is prevented, and the bathroom floor areas dry quicker. Our underfloor heating range has been designed to simplify the installation process and solve common problems associated with it. The ‘Sleeveless Connection’ between the cables provides for a smooth transition and effortless tiling. The seamless sleeve is absolutely waterproof and thus ideal for installations that require humidity protection. The insulation sleeve is completely resistant to chemicals and high temperatures to the end of the cold connection cable. This means there are no differences in ageing properties between cold connection cable and heating cable.

Outdoor underfloor heating

Specially designed durable outdoor heating mats can be used to keep outdoor areas free of snow and ice. Applications include: pavements, recreation areas, helipads, garage forecourts .