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Stone heating is a concept conceived and popularised thousands of years ago by the Romans, and involves using the properties of natural stones to generate warmth. Considered the most ancient form of modern-day heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), stone heating remains as appealing, attractive and beneficial in the contemporary era, and our fresh, innovative twist on the marble-based heating model allowing you to raise temperatures in the most efficient possible way.

When marble is exposed to high temperatures, it produces heat that spreads directly to and evenly across its immediate surroundings. Unlike conventional heaters, stone heating systems ensure a smooth, balanced diffusion of air, with as much as 75 per cent being released through the front panel.
In many cases, stone heating radiators allow you to slash your bills, as the heat storage capabilities of these systems are far superior to many alternatives. Stone heating is effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly; no dust or debris is picked up by the air flow, providing a fresh, healthy atmosphere.
All our stone heating systems are strong, sturdy and reliable, requiring virtually no maintenance whatsoever to function around the clock. Simultaneously lowering bills and raising health standards in your home, our systems are also extremely easy on the eye, coming in a range of subtle and discreet decorative designs that can give your home an elegant touch.

The phrase 'solid as a rock' comes to mind when explaining the quality of these heating elements, as they are extremely durable and resistant and therefore require virtually no maintenance. These numerous economical and physical benefits are contained in an aesthetically pleasing design bringing a touch of elegance into your home. The discreet decorative attributes, makes our radiator range compatible with most interior styles.


At Marble Heating Co., we only supply products that facilitate the establishment of a healthy indoor climate. All our heating systems actively assist with effective air circulation, eliminating issues that air contaminated with the likes of pollen, dust and germs can create and exacerbate. Our products are designed specially to allow you to breathe easy and enjoy a clean, fresh, healthy environment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.