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Marble heating systems are a classic-meets-modern method of keeping rooms warm and toasty in elegant fashion at an affordable price. At Marble Heating Co., we draw on the effective properties of stone as a natural heat-generating substance and integrate state-of-the-art technology to create superb heating systems that suit all kinds of customers.
No matter what sort of heating solution you’re looking for, Marble Heating Co. can help; when it comes to natural stone heating systems, nobody knows more or does it better than us.


Our expansive and attractive product range is constructed exclusively from high-quality materials. All our systems can be tailored to meet your exact specifications and requirements, enabling you to introduce warm, safe, energy-efficient heating to your surroundings, while complementing your décor.
Among our products are stone heating systems, infrared heating systems, stainless steel radiators, underfloor heating technology systems, and a series of electric elements designed to enhance and support heaters in a variety of ways.
We offer marble, granite, quartz and limestone finishes, meaning you’ll be able to find a heating system design that fits in perfectly with the rest of your property. Check out the terrific range of stone types we offer, from Perlino Pink to Rainforest Brown to Sivec Pure White


Marble Heating Co. is a business that’s built a magnificent reputation across the country for unwavering dedication, wonderful creativity and repeated customer satisfaction. With a team of professional installation specialists and skilled designers all working in house, we made history by spearheading the introduction of marble heating solutions, and remain the market leaders across the UK and Ireland to this very day, offering a wide range of heating systems, heating technology consulting, design solutions and complete installation services.
You can learn more about what we do and how we’re continuing to revolutionise the heating industry in new and exciting ways by reading more about us.